Christian Book Marketing Packages

CBM Christian Book Marketing offers a variety of Christian Book Marketing packages for Christian authors with regards to author promotions and Christian book marketing needs. We have the ability to place your book on 100 great Christian author / book related sites through a variety of services such as: Author Site Creations Book Reviews / … Continue reading Christian Book Marketing Packages


Christian Book Marketing – Author Site Creations

Best selling Christian authors use Author sites to promote their books. Every author needs an Author's site to share and showcase their book. Book lovers enjoy visiting an Author's site to read about the author, their book, book reviews, press releases, view video book trailers and other content of interest. Unlike simply being on a … Continue reading Christian Book Marketing – Author Site Creations

Christian Book Marketing SEO

The power of Christian Book Marketing can help you market your Christian book, drive traffic to your Amazon page, Kindle Book Page, NOOK Book page, Author’s website, Author’s blog or book page while increasing your online presence, page positioning, page ranking and overall image as an author.  Prime Page Placement Expand  Your Marketing Increase Your … Continue reading Christian Book Marketing SEO

Marketing Christian Books Testimonials

When it comes to Marketing Christian Books , it is important that you use a Christian Book Marketing Service that understands the Christian Book Marketplace arena. Whether it be creating an author's website, writing a book review, author press release, expanded online marketing, social media marketing, the steps that you take are very important. Don't entrust your new … Continue reading Marketing Christian Books Testimonials