Christian Book Marketing – Amazon Book Sales

How is your Amazon page doing? Are you selling books or have your book sales gone south? Many times an author thinks that once they list their book on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble and other great online bookstore sites. That they will automatically start selling books. Few find this to be the magic formula.
Christian Author Book Sites
It is important for Christian authors to have a personal website. Why? It adds that much needed personal touch. An author’s site gives you an online home where book buyers and book lovers can find information about you as a Christian author, your new Christian book release and where they can purchase your book at.
With an author’s site unlike simply having your book on an online bookstore site. You can share your book, book description, book reviews, author press releases, video book trailers, most importantly about you as author and links that will take visitors to online bookstore sites where people can purchase Christian your book.
CBM Author Site Creations
The following will share what the folks at CBM can do for you. With your Christian author’s site, you will get.
~ An About the Author Page.
~ A Book Description Page.
~ A Book Review Page.
~ A Press Release Page.
~ A Book Trailer Page.
~ A How and Where to Order Page.
~ A Contact Page.
~ Social Marketing Buttons.
~ Direct Links To Your Author Book Page at Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, NOOK Book and other sites where people can purchase your book at.
~ plus more ….
CBM Christian Book Marketing also offers christian book marketing packages such as, CBM Book Reviews and 100 site Book Review Marketing Packages, Author Article Blast Packages, Book Blast Packages, Author Press Release Packages, Social Media Packages, Video Book Trailer Productions all that can be used to not only promote your book, but also your Amazon page. Contact the folks at CBM Christian Book Marketing at kingdomexpansion1 ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com

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