Christian Book Marketing Packages

CBM Christian Book Marketing offers a variety of Christian Book Marketing packages for Christian authors with regards to author promotions and Christian book marketing needs. We have the ability to place your book on 100 great Christian author / book related sites through a variety of services such as:
  • Author Site Creations
  • Book Reviews / 100 site Book Review Marketing Packages,
  • Author Press Releases Packages,
  • 100 site Author’s Article Blast Packages,
  • 100 site Book Blast Packages,
  • 100 site Coming Soon or New Book Release Marketing,
  • Prime Front Page Placement Packages,
  • Social Media Book Marketing,
  • Video Book Trailer Production,
  • Video Book Trailer Marketing,
  • SEO ( search engine optimization )
  • and other services…
Many times an author will pay high prices for a book publishing package with all the extras; however, the package lacks in author promotions and book marketing, or the additional costs for such, are extremely high. We make it possible for Christian authors to promote and market their book with author friendly prices.
All of our marketing expands into additional networks, communities, social communities, directories and is found on many of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, Jeeves and others. Great marketing that produces great SEO, page ranking and page positioning. .
Our 100 site book marketing packages include links to the author’s website, Amazon page, Kindle book page, Barnes and Noble page and NOOK Book Page. We can even add your Facebook and Twitter pages.
Many times, authors believe that once they publish their book and it’s listed on Amazon and at other online bookstores, that they will automatically start selling books. Rarely happens. That’s because there are millions of books available online at Amazon and what are the chances of someone finding a brand new book release by it’s title or an author by their name if they do not know the book exists or who the author is by name? Once again, it rarely happens.
Unlike other online marketing, we promote not only your book, but also various sites and pages where book readers can find your book. Many times an author feels that just because their book is listed on Amazon or Kindle, for example, that they will get instant results. That rarely happens because there sits your book among millions of other books and no one knows that your book is there. This is why promoting your Amazon page, Kindle book page and other pages is important. So that people know that your book exists and is available for purchase.
If we might help you in getting the word out about your book, authors website, Amazon and Kindle book pages, feel free to contact us at kingdomexpansion1 (at) gmail (dot ) com.

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