Christian Book Marketing – Author Site Creations

Best selling Christian authors use Author sites to promote their books. Every author needs an Author’s site to share and showcase their book. Book lovers enjoy visiting an Author’s site to read about the author, their book, book reviews, press releases, view video book trailers and other content of interest.
Unlike simply being on a online bookstore like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others with millions of other books. When someone visits your Author’s site, you have their complete attention and they are not being overwelhmed with the images of endless other book covers, content and the likes. With an Author’s site, they are focused on you and your book only.
We create Author sites that have various stand alone pages just like an expensive website, however, without the high cost. With your author’s site, you will get:
~ An About the Author Page.
~ A Book Description Page.
~ A Book Review Page.
~ A Press Release Page.
~ A Book Trailer Page.
~ A How and Where to Order Page.
~ A Contact Page.
~ Social Marketing Buttons.
~ Direct Links To Your Author Book Page at Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, NOOK Book and other sites where people can purchase your book at.
~ plus more ….
* Unlike other site builders and webmasters that charge a set up fee plus monthly fees and a yearly renewal fee. There are NO monthly hosting fees or yearly renewal fees. We further oversee the site for you and will add additional books that you publish in the future free of charge.
We also offer book related packages such as: CBM Christian Book Reviews and 100 site Book Review Marketing Packages, Author Article Blast Packages, Christian Book Blast Packages, Author Press Release Packages, Social Media Packages, Video Book Trailer Productions and other.
Contact the folks at CBM Christian Book Marketing at kingdomexpansion1 (at) gmail (dot) com

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